LIST2VIEW that connects property owners, renters, vendors and condo developments

A full service platform that connects vendors with property owners in a safe and secure portal to contract services like property cleaning, maintenance, goods and personal services as well as all of these other options below!

For condo developments and HOA

  • Payment of HOA management fees along with reporting and tracking of all payments directly deposited into an HOA bank account.
  • Built-in Accounting.
  • Employee Management
  • Outside of Unit maintenance Management
  • Coordinated system for Check-in/checkout process that allows the gate, front office and owner to track the amount of people in the condo, time in, time out… and much more.
  • rental

    For property owners & management company

  • Custom website, booking online with secure payment system
  • Owners account with website for rental purposes synchronized with Airbnb & VRBO calendar
  • Multi-Property management
  • Inside unit maintenance Management
  • Built-in Accounting
  • Inside Unit Housekeeping management
  • Coordinated system for Check-in/checkout process that allows gate, front office and owner track amount of people in condo, time in, time out… and much more
  • rental

    For vendors

  • Direct placement in front of thousands of property owners, renters to hire you or buy your products without the language barrier or distrust.
  • No upfront fees to be listed in our resource directory.
  • Multi-language and global currency support. Get paid for your services upon completion of the job or delivery of your product.
  • Training in person, online & Documentation. We teach you and support you through your experience with our system so you can make the best of your time working through List2View!
  • Get in touch with us today to add you to our list of approved vendors or get more information about how your property can simplify the management, ownership and rental process with the most modern technology in the industry.

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